Why should I (we) take prenatal classes?

Prenatal classes will help you to prepare for your birth experience and the postpartum by providing you with information about pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum and newborn care. 

They provide a great venue to ask questions, receive evidenced based information, meet other expectant parents whose babies are due around the same time as yours. The idea is that both you and your partner will acquire the skills and confidence needed to make birth a positive experience.


What will the classes cover?

Our aim is to provide you with all the information you need for labour and the immediate postpartum period.

Topics will include preparing your home for baby, how to prepare for the hospital, recognizing the signs of labour (and false labour), when to go to hospital, comfort measures at home and at hospital, pain relief (natural methods and medication options), positions for labour and birth, vaginal delivery and C-section, personal care after birth, breast feeding and newborn care.

We don’t follow one particular ‘birth philosophy’ but instead take a multidisciplinary approach, understanding that you will make informed decisions based on your individual journey and experiences.


How many people will be in the classes?

We cap our classes at a maximum of 10 couples to allow for a cozy and open environment.


Will I be comfortable sitting all day?

We do our best to provide a cozy environment (with comfortable seating). We encourage participants to get up stretch and walk around throughout the day (and the bathrooms are very close by)!


What are the benefits of taking prenatal classes?  (source: American Pregnancy Association)

  • Childbirth classes can build confidence in your body’s ability to give birth.
  • Classes provide the opportunity to discuss any fears you might have with the instructor as well as with other couples in the class
  • Classes will educate your partner in ways to support you during labor and birth. Many couples report that attending childbirth classes together strengthened their relationship.
  • You will learn about pain relief options, including massage, relaxation, breathing, and medications.